Chill Off with The Best Summer 2023 Out of Home Advertising Concepts!

It’s time to start considering out-of-home advertising strategies that will make your company stand out in the searing heat as summer approaches. Oongalee has some awesome inspiration for you, whether you’re a small business owner looking for novel approaches to draw clients or a professional marketer looking for novel ideas! These best out-of-home advertising concepts, which range from eye-catching billboards to engaging installations, will undoubtedly help your brand beat the summer heat and succeed in 2023. So, let’s get started with our list and prepare to stand out this summer!

Basics of Outdoor Advertising

The battle among marketers seeking for consumers’ attention heats up along with the weather. So don’t worry; we’ve got you prepared with the best OOH advertising concepts to make your business stand out and survive the summer’s heat.


Outdoor advertising is a potent and economical approach to reach your target audience in public spaces.  

There are more possibilities than ever to connect with customers as they enjoy the outdoors due to the warmer temperatures and longer days. With these summer OOH ideas your company can capture the attention of potential customers and maintain a strong brand presence all season long, with everything from imaginative sidewalk chalk art to interactive digital displays.


So, whether you want to increase visibility, foot traffic, or revenue, we have you covered with the best summertime outdoor advertising ideas!

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Advantages of Outdoor Marketing


We all know that for many businesses, the summer months are the busiest. And what better way to take advantage of the increase in visitors and the warmer weather than with some clever outdoor advertising?


Outdoor advertising can be quite successful at increasing sales in addition to being a wonderful way to reach a larger audience. Listed below are just a few advantages of outdoor advertising:


  1. More Exposure – It’s impossible to overlook outdoor advertising. Your advertisement will be seen by everyone who happens to be around, whether it is on a billboard by the side of the road or a banner hanging from a building enhanced exposure can lead to a larger consumer base and increased sales.


  1. Economical – One of the most economical marketing techniques is outdoor advertising. It can still reach a big audience while frequently being considerably less expensive than more conventional types of advertising like TV or print.


  1. Versatile – Outdoor advertisement is quite versatile and may be put almost anyplace. Your advertising strategy can target particular regions or demographic groups, ensuring that the proper people hear what you have to say.


  1. Eye-Catching – Outdoor advertisements are made to stand out from the competition and attract attention. An eye-catching advertisement is vital for getting seen and generating results in the face of so many conflicting messages.


  1. Memorable – With strategic placement and design, outdoor advertising can leave a lasting impression on passersby, helping to reinforce brand messaging and increase the likelihood of a consumer remembering your brand or product when making a purchase decision in the future. Outdoor advertisement is often placed in high-traffic areas such as;
  2. Bus Stops
  3. Publicity on Transportation
  4. Advertisement for Street Furniture
  5. Vehicle Decals

The most common type of outdoor advertising are billboards. With the eye-catching designs and attention-grabbing messages, billboards can create a memorable impression on viewers, which can help to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Innovative Summer 2023 Ideas


The summer is the ideal time to use originality in your outdoor advertising. Have a look at these interesting suggestions to keep you cool this summer!



  1. Make use of eye-catching hues: Summer is all about vivid, striking hues. Utilize them in your outdoor advertising to make them stand out!


  1. Make it big: Since there are so many people out and about in the summer, you need to make sure that your advertisements are large and difficult to overlook.


  1. Get interactive: Make use of tools like Augmented Reality and QR codes to provide your audience engaging experiences.


  1. Consider other ad spaces: There are several locations where you can post your advertisements. Think creatively and unconventionally!
  2. Personalize it: Incorporating personalized elements in your advertising can be an effective way to establish a stronger connection with your target audience.


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1. Billboards – Using billboards to spread your message to a big audience is a terrific idea. They work particularly well in busy city streets and other high-traffic locations like those next to motorways.


2. Street Teams – Using street teams can be a terrific approach to reach more people directly with your message. They can distribute fliers, samples, or other marketing materials and respond to any inquiries customers may have regarding your goods or services.


3. Vehicle Wraps – Using vehicle wraps is another excellent way to spread your message to a broad audience. These can be mounted on any sort of vehicle that uses roads and highways, including trucks, buses, and cars.


4. Window Clings – Window clings are an excellent way to advertise promotions or exclusive deals at your place of business. They can also be utilised to promote charitable occasions or causes you believe in.


5. Yard Signs – Using yard signs to advertise your company or event is a cheap option. These can be positioned in areas with high visibility, including busy roadways or junctions.

Sizzle This Summer with Our Creative Advertising Ideas!


1. Bus Stops

All of us are searching for methods of staying cool as the summer heat increases. And what better way to achieve that than with some brilliant outside-the-home marketing concepts?

Here are our top ideas for cooling bus shelter advertisements:

  • Use bus shelters with air conditioning: Bus shelters with air conditioning are the best place to go if you want to beat the heat. People waiting for buses find these shelters to be a cool sanctuary, and while they relax, they’re sure to see your advertisement.


  • Provide complimentary ice cream or fans: Offering free ice cream or fans is a fantastic additional method to beat the heat. This is a fantastic approach to interact with the public and encourage discussion about your company. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving free things?


  • Use imaginative imagery and messaging: Creativity is essential in out-of-home advertising. And what better season than summer to exercise your creativity? Provide eye-catching content with vibrant colours and entertaining imagery that speaks to people’s needs throughout the sweltering summer months.


  1. Wraps for buildings


As the weather heats up, so does the competition among brands to capture consumer attention. If you want your out-of-home (OOH) advertising to make a statement this summer, using a building wrap can help you stand out from the crowd.


Building wraps are substantial vinyl or fabric banners that completely or partially encircle a building.


Building wraps can be seen from a great distance and are often built using scaffolding or some form of support system, they are perfect for busy places. They can be personalized to feature the colours, logo, and messaging of your brand.


Building wraps are an attention-grabbing addition to any out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign, as they are striking and memorable. If you’re looking for a unique and effective way to engage your target audience this summer, consider incorporating a building wrap into your OOH strategy.


  1. Public art displays


  • Installations of public art – Public art is a fantastic way to bring some summertime entertainment to your city or town, from massive sculptures to interactive murals. Consider hiring a local artist to produce a piece of public art if there is a bare wall or vacant area in your neighbourhood. This will not only give your neighbourhood a little more visual appeal, but it may also be a wonderful way to support the artists.
  • Outdoor Concerts and Events – Summer is the season of fun and nothing embodies that more than outdoor concerts and events – make sure you’re a part of it! Consider holding an outdoor event or concert if your neighbourhood has a park or other open space. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and interact with others.
  • Outdoor Cinema Nights – Seeing movies outside is a fun and inexpensive way to take advantage of the summertime. You can either find a nearby park that permits movie showings or set up a projector or screen in your backyard. In either case, cinema buffs of all ages will undoubtedly like this.
    • Picnics – Summertime picnics are the perfect way to savor the season’s sunshine! For an afternoon picnic lunch or dinner, gather some lawn chairs and blankets and head to your neighborhood park.


  1. Road Teams

The struggle for consumers’ attention among businesses is escalating along with the temperature. Consider these top out-of-home (OOH) advertising concepts for the summer to cut through the clutter and engage consumers where they are already spending their time.

  • Street teams: With a group of brand ambassadors, take your business to the people. They can distribute marketing materials like discounts or samples and interact with customers face-to-face. This form of outdoor advertising (OOH) is particularly successful in high-traffic areas, such as those close to transportation hubs or well-liked tourist destinations.
  • Billboards: Create a lasting impression with billboards that prominently display the message of your brand. This OOH advertising option can promote your business and reach a large audience.

Transport advertisements: Reaching commuters who are on the go is easy with transit advertisements. These advertisements can be seen by a captive audience while travelling on buses, trains, or other public transport

  • Use street furniture to post advertisements that will be noticed by pedestrians and bystanders, such as bus shelters or newsstands. Your budget and target market can be taken into account when customising this OOH advertising.


  • Guerrilla marketing: Use innovative guerilla marketing strategies to surprise and excite customers while promoting your brand. You may, for instance, organise a flash mob or hand out branded – Mobile Marketing materials.


Make Your Brand Shine This Summer with These Outdoor Advertising Strategies!


Now is the ideal moment to move your marketing outside with summer in full swing! To help you relax and get noticed this season, here are a few out-of-home advertising suggestions:



  1. Mobile marketing – Use mobile billboards, automobile wraps, or even sidewalk chalk ads to take your marketing on the go.


  1. Utilize Street art to your advantage – Employ murals or graffiti to give your business some personality and get attention from onlookers.


  1. Use large format banners or billboards in high-traffic regions to draw attention to your message.


  1. Personalize your direct mail – Make an impression by delivering postcards or other marketing materials right to clients’ homes.


  1. Use event marketing to advertise yourself on social media for maximum exposure. Organize a summery event.


Make Big Impact on Small OOH Advertising Budget


A list of effective strategies that will help you design an impactful budget-savvy campaign is as follows;


  • Reserve your outdoor advertising spot before it sells out to have more location options and lower rates.
  • Aim for busy intersections, well-known shopping locations, or areas close to important athletic sites.
  • Take into account utilizing digital out-of-home (DOOH) displays, which provide more flexibility and may be targeted to particular populations.
  • Take advantage of the discounts and special offers that outdoor advertising businesses give. Several companies will provide discounted prices for prolonged marketing or large bookings.


End Your Outdoor Advertising Campaign on a High Note


The summer of 2023 is the perfect time to elevate your outdoor advertising game. With the help of our proven strategies, you can make a lasting impression on your audience and achieve your marketing goals without breaking the bank.


From captivating virtual reality experiences to eye-catching street murals, the options are endless for creating a standout campaign. So why wait? Start planning now and get ready to make a splash this summer!