Oongalee provides Digital OOH advertising


Digital OOH advertising

Out-of-home advertising is an exciting space to be in right now. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising has been in high demand over the last year, primarily due to the pandemic easing up. Business owners, Marketers, and media buyers are actively seeking new and effective ways to maximize their budgets. Digital Out Of Home or “DOOH” has become a global phenomenon in advertising due to its technological advancements and programmatic capabilities, giving advertisers more reach, frequency, and ease when it comes to traditional media buying.


Many marketers and advertisers can’t avoid the world of out-of-home (OOH) advertising because of technological changes and the traditional benefits of advertising in the real world.


First and foremost, Oongalee is Canada’s Fastest Growing Digital Out Of Home Advertising platform. Oongalee gives restaurants and their advertising partners a new way to increase revenue.


With Oongalee’s DOOH platform, you can target your audience by location, demographics, time of day, and more. Our intuitive platform makes creating and managing your campaigns easy, and we help you maximize you home budget effectively.

Dooh Advertising

Digital out-of-home advertising has been gaining popularity more than ever. The technology behind this method is advanced enough to allow advertisers to change the content and messages on the screen without any ad interruptions that you would see on online channels. DOOH advertising lets media buyers target specific audiences, such as commuters during rush hour, digital signage at airports, or our favorite, Indoor Restaurants and resto bars. This technology also supports programmatic advertising, making it more effective than ever. Digital out-of-home advertising can be classified into two categories; place-based and large format. Most DOOH consists of screens and banners that can be found in malls, gas stations, restaurants, and bars, and airports. DOOH provides marketers with opportunities to reach their target audience in style, rather than traditional static images on a billboard, DOOH allows advertisers to create compelling video/animated ads that capture attention in a typical 10-15 second placement.


Oongalee is the leading Canadian Digital OOH advertising company that provides a unique solution to help businesses become more competitive.

Digital OOH Advertising ( DOOH )

Digital out-of-home advertising uses digital screens in public places to display advertisements. It plays a vital role in outdoor and indoor advertising and uses digital screens capabilities to display engaging and eye-catching content.


It allows advertisers to dislpay their campaigns and capture their audience’s attention. As a result, digital out-of-home advertising is one of the fastest-growing forms of advertising and best at creating a brand awareness and impact.


Oongalee offers a unique guest experience solution through it’s Oongalee Media platform. Advertisers can connect with their target audience at restaurants through Oongalees tabletop gateway displays.


Furthermore, Oongalee increases the brand’s visibility to its potential audience. Customers will often see the advertisements on Oongalee’s Gateways for up to 45 minutes or an hour, which is the highest Dwell time of any advertising platform today. Besides this, Oongalee’s indoor DOOH advertising is ideal for restaurant customers because it allows them to request their bil, view digital menus, call a server or see engaging advertising  in a more personalized setting.

OOH Digital Advertising

Digital out-of-home advertising has many advantages over traditional billboards. These advertisements are relevant, real-time, and can be personalized to reach specific audiences with animation and movement added in the creative.


Oongalee aims to provide its partners with a cost-effective guest experience solution through its gateways. Oongalee provides efficient ooh digital advertising that can enhance your campaigns reach, and create a brand impact you can’t get with other traditional OOH platforms.