Interactive Restaurant Technology

Interactive restaurant technology from Oongalee is a great way to get people into your business. Its patented tabletop technology allows you to interact with customers and drive sales for your business. Customers stay in front of the Gateways for 45 minutes to an hour; this Dwell time is the highest of any Advertising medium today. The result is the best brand recognition and advertising campaigns in restaurants and other settings.

Interactive Restaurant Technology

If you want to make your customers happier and sell more, Oongalee’s tabletop charging Gateway portals could be the answer. This technology helps restaurants improve customer service, boost sales, and add revenue. The company’s innovations have transformed over 250 Canadian restaurants. Learn more about this Canadian company below! Read on to learn how Oongalee works and what makes them unique.


We make sure to engage customers on every screen and at every table. We’re terrific at displaying information on screens and keeping our eyes on them. Here’s how to do it:


  • Countdowns to Happy Hour that are both entertaining and educational
  • Cycling of creative image and video ads
  • Menu items and interactive digital menus


With our Happy Hour Countdown, you may lengthen your stay and spend more money. The on-screen happy hour announcement will get the party started.


Our creative team will work with you to make exciting and vivid ads and grab and keep your audience’s attention.


A recent survey found that 68% of Canadians are comfortable using technology to look at restaurant menus.

Restaurant Table Top

Oongalee’s interactive restaurant technology can raise your revenues and customer satisfaction. Tabletop charge Gateway portals boost restaurant income and assist customers in every way so they can be happy with the service. These patented solutions help restaurants transform their operations. With a simple touch of a button, a diner can check their bill and split it with their server.


This technology lets customers view available slots online, book a table on the go, and track their preferences. Besides allowing customers to book their tables, technology-enabled reservations also allow restaurants to manage waitlists and seating.

Effectiveness of Interactive Restaurant Technology

Oongalee helps restaurants improve the guest experience using new technology. They invented tabletop charging Gateway portals and placed them in 250 Canadian eateries, and their unique technology boosts guest pleasure, sales, and revenue.


Oongalee also has a feature called ‘Excuse Me.’ It enables customers to ask for a server to leave politely. Another innovative technology, the ‘Bill Please’ feature, lets diners review their bill at the table and split them simultaneously. Happy Hour Countdown, which allows diners to place their orders without flagging the waiter, is another great feature.


Advantages of Restaurant Table Top service


Restaurant tabletop technology has many advantages. It helps increase sales by 1% per minute, and average sales at a table with tabletop technology increased by 12%! This technology also decreases traffic in front of restaurants.

Tabletop ordering technology is not only efficient but also lowers restaurant costs. While it is costly to install, many restaurants have added ordering pads to their tabletops. Moreover, research showed that customers used tabletop ordering frequently to place orders and make non-cash payments.


Moreover, a shorter attention span characterizes the future of restaurant workers. With tablet and smartphone usage on the rise, this generation will be far more adept at using the technology. It will be easier for servers to cover more tables, which means more tips. It will also make staff more productive, leading to happier dinners.


Thus, restaurants and bars can now adjust and update while saving money on printing costs by switching to on-screen digital menus. Daily offers, drink menus, and event times are just a tap away for your customers. Additionally, QR codes can be used to display digital menus on customers’ phones.

With this technology, customers can use their smartphones to pay for their meals. Instead of using a pen, paper, or receipts, guests can scan a QR code on their phone and access the full menu.

This technology eliminates the need for menus, receipts, credit cards, and pens, which benefits guests and restaurateurs. Besides, the convenience and ease of use make it easy to train and use.

Boost the visibility of your campaign with us


Out-of-home advertising with Oongalee Media ensures that your campaigns are delivered in a more intimate context. Customers eating, drinking, and hanging out in some of Canada’s best restaurant locations will surely see the promotion.