NorthStar Gaming bets on Oongalee, launches province-wide campaign


NorthStar Gaming, who recently announce that it has been named an Authorized Gaming Operator of the National Basketball Association, has signed on as an Oongalee advertising partner for an Ontario-wide campaign.


After seeing our Gateways in-person and in action at one of our restaurant partners in Toronto, the team at NorthStar Gaming saw the value our technology and platform could add to their marketing and advertising plans.


NorthStar Gaming owns and operates NorthStar Bets, a made-in-Ontario casino and sportsbook gaming platform that provides players with a uniquely local, premier user experience. The NorthStar Bets sportsbook provides real-time news, stats, analysis, and scores directly in the betting environment along with the most popular online casino games.


Our advertising campaign places NorthStar Gaming in front of sports fans in Ontario during a key time — game day. By tapping into our extensive Ontario network of restaurant partners, NorthStar Gaming’s campaign connects with target audiences at the right moment in the right place, delivering an impactful call-to-action by inviting consumers to “get in the game” by placing an in the moment bet.


At Oongalee, we pride ourselves on giving advertising partners unique opportunities to connect with consumers in ways other out-of-home advertisers simply can’t. What’s more is that our dwell time is the highest in the industry — customers sit in front of our Gateways for 45 to 60 minutes on average.


Oongalee is thrilled to partner with this leading organization to bring interactive content to life that enhances and gamifies the dining experience by giving consumers the opportunity to “get in the game” in real-time. A Canadian company, NorthStar Gaming is uniquely positioned to become a convergence leader in the intersection of sports media and sports wagering thanks to its partnerships and agreements with leading media companies.


Visual assets:

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