Fastest-growing out-of-home advertising network in Canada


Out-of-Home Advertising Network in Canada

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the out-of-home advertising industry. The demand for out-of-home (OOH) marketing has been consistent in recent years. Most people in the real-world advertising business are optimistic about its future.

For many marketers and advertisers, the world of OOH has become unavoidable, and it’s due to technology and real-world advertising.

Out-of-home advertising

Oongalee Media is proud to be one of Canada’s fastest-growing out-of-home advertising networks. Oongalee Media clients spend 45 to 1 hour each day in front of Gateways, the most of any advertising network. This high-touch advertising network delivers brand awareness campaigns to restaurants and coffee shops. These media solutions are perfect for any size business or brand.


Our advertising network offers a one-of-a-kind platform. Customers spend an average of 45 minutes to an hour in front of our Gateways, resulting in some of the best dwell times in advertising today. So, with our out-of-home advertising, you can give your brand the recognition it deserves.


Oongalee is a leading Canadian IT company that offers creative business solutions. Our technology has already transformed restaurants in the country. For over two years, we’ve helped them transform their operations by increasing sales and adding a revenue stream.


How helpful is out-of-home advertising in Canada?


Oongalee out-of-home advertising reaches your target group. It allows third-party advertising partners to create passive income with the least effort. This type of advertising works best in cities where people surround other people. It also sends campaigns to places where people are most likely to interact with your message.


What can you do with out-of-home advertising?


Out-of-Home Advertising Is Much More Extensive Than Promoting Brands.


Outdoor advertising strategies are used to focus on billboards in high-traffic areas. The original goal of OOH is to elicit an immediate direct response, which viewers could carry out before returning to their homes. OOH can also help boost offline-to-online responses since customers can immediately act on their phones.


Local knowledge isn’t required.


Media buyers required local expertise before the development of OOH data tools. OOH, platforms allow advertisers to locate, target, and measure 98% of available inventory. Any media buyer may plan and purchase efficient OOH spots.


OOH is data-based


As a result of today’s tech-enabled OOH landscape, advertisers may target their audience. Ad buyers use analytics to identify OOH units, most likely reaching lookalike audiences. Advertisers can better understand how customers travel and which places have the highest demographic concentrations.


OOH, advertising is simple to put into practice.


In the past, putting together OOH advertising required a lengthy and difficult procedure comprising sourcing, price wrangling, creative development, approval, production, proofing, and installation. This process took place over some time. Even for static OOH, several OOH procurement platforms have shaved this process’s time commitment down by a factor of ten.


Additionally, because of the proliferation of programmatic digital OOH, brands can now acquire and run campaigns in just two days. Real-time editing, pausing, and restarting adverts are options for buyers and managers. Advertisers can complete ad purchase and execution processes much quicker than in the past because of the OOH solutions that are accessible today.


Out-of-home advertising effectiveness


Oongalee Media is a growing out-of-home advertising network in Canada. Our out-of-home advertising technology reaches 45 million Canadians daily, giving them the best dwell times in advertising. Our high-quality media include outdoor billboards, digital banners, and interactive touchscreen displays. OOH allows brands to target their audience in the most relevant and engaging way, making it a fast-growing network.


As the world has become urbanized. OOH is an important form of advertising. Since people spend more time outside their homes and offices, so OOH offers an excellent opportunity to reach a wide audience. Oongalee continues to extend its out-of-home advertising network in Canada for the customers’ ease.