Oongalee partners with Pink Attitude Evolution to raise awareness for one of Canada’s biggest untapped talent pools



Pink Attitude Evolution is an organization focused on empowering South Asian women to achieve their full potential in their chosen endeavours. As part of our ongoing commitment to work with businesses and organizations that positively transform the world of business and work, Oongalee was pleased to join as a sponsor of Pink Attitude Evolution’s annual gala, which returned as an in-person event in October 2022.



The event was aimed at discussing the findings from their groundbreaking National Study, which shed light on the reasons South Asian women had one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada during COVID-19, despite being highly educated. The goal of the study is to show employers what can be done to unlock the potential of a growing labour force, while creating a support system to inspire and uplift women to realize their full potential.

Some staggering results of the National Study revealed that South Asian women are twice as likely to say they are treated unfairly in the workplace, with more than half (57 per cent) saying they are ready to quit their jobs. Results show that 34 per cent of South Asian women said they were treated unfairly at work, compared with 17 per cent of all women surveyed. More than 2,200 Canadians were surveyed.


“This study is the first of its kind in Canada, and it reveals significant findings considering that over the next five years, the bulk of Canada’s labour force growth will be from immigration,” said Ruby Dhillon, CEO and Founder of Pink Attitude Evolution. “What stood out for me is the issue of inequality, from my parent’s generation until now. My mom was highly educated and did not receive the recognition she deserved. When I saw the results of the National Study, I realized that this inequality is still happening. I knew it was there, but now we have the numbers to prove it. The good news is what’s being done about it. We are delighted that many corporations have come on board to develop and launch programs and scholarships for South Asian women to help propel their careers forward.”


To learn more about Pink Attitude Evolution and to read the full study, please visit: https://pinkattitude.ca.