Rate Card Advertising

Oongalee rate card advertising allows businesses to connect intimately with their target audience, creating a new revenue stream for their third-party advertising partnerships. These advertising opportunities also provide passive income to restaurant partners. Read on to learn more about how rate cards can help your business. 

We are committed to maintaining a high-quality out-of-home advertising network. It entails delivering reliability and assurance. Our team is dedicated to fixing any minor damage that our network faces within 48 hours of receiving notification. Just let us know, and we’ll get it taken care of as soon as possible. So it’s an exciting time to be a part of the out-of-home advertising industry with Oongalee.

Dooh players

DOOH player is a word used to describe digital media and the advertising displayed in public spaces, such as retail malls or along major motorways, that are accessible to the general public. On the other hand, outdoor advertising was defined by out-of-home (OOH) media, a form of advertising that has evolved into DOOH media in recent years.

The out-of-home media advertising reaches people outside their homes through posters, billboards, wallscapes, etc. It has become one of the popular forms of advertising for many businesses.

If you wish to use DOOH media to promote your firm, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with it.


Advantages of Dooh Player


There are numerous benefits of using a DOOH player over more traditional OOH media that are as follows:




In the course of the day, everyone is bombarded with advertisements, from obnoxious pop-ups on your mobile devices to videos that automatically play on a website to commercials that interrupt your favorite shows.


Changing the station, fast-forwarding through commercials, or muting the TV are all ways to avoid in-home and internet advertising.


However, as you walk by and notice the ad changing or the text or visuals shifting, it may capture your attention.


DOOH media ensures that your message is delivered to the right people at the right time.




It’s possible to display your material year-round on weatherproof digital screens, regardless of the weather.


It ensures that your message is delivered to the customers no matter what time of year it is and that your company appears good in the process.

Rate card Advertising

Rate card Advertising’s advanced technologies help manage price negotiations more effectively, bringing more profit to your business. If you’re looking for a new way to negotiate rate cards, you should consider connecting with Oongalee for your rate card process.

It’s an efficient way to promote your business by delivering brand recognition and campaigns to diners in intimate settings, restaurants, and other settings. Oongalee’s rate card advertising is effective, scalable, and will save you time and money.


Toronto billboards


Toronto is one of Canada’s cities that has seen billboards booming in recent years. The city’s population is estimated to be 2.8 million, all of whom contribute to making Toronto the urban city it is.


In Canada, the largest cities have large outdoor spaces where major companies advertise. The city’s high population density and accessibility allow outdoor advertising to reach the largest possible number of people.


Most businesses that fall under the “outdoor advertising” category are comprised of feature billboard posters, which can be found dispersed across any given location. Especially for people who live in larger cities, billboards play an important role in catering to a consumerist audience going about their day-to-day business. They do this by subtly disrupting people’s lines of sight with various advertising messages and product placements.


Advertising on billboards can build brand awareness and create awareness, and costs vary according to location, size, and duration.


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