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Oongalee partners with Restaurants Canada, growing its strategic partnership network


It truly takes a village to get a vision off of the ground. That’s why our partnerships are so important to the work we do.

Oongalee has partnered with Restaurants Canada, a national not-for-profit association representing Canada’s food service industry, to create experiences and resources to help members stay on the leading edge of the rapidly changing restaurant and hospitality industries.

Our partnership with Restaurant’s Canada is integral to connecting us with major restaurant chains and national advertisers. In addition to supporting the organization’s annual event (National RC Show in Toronto) by providing advertising and complimentary device charging, we also work closely with the Restaurants Canada team to provide the industry with valuable resources via online events and workshops.

The food service industry has shifted and businesses need effective and revolutionary solutions to stay competitive. Our partnership with Restaurants Canada gives us the opportunity to support the industry’s ongoing evolution by showing leaders and key decision makers how new technologies, like our patented Gateways, can help them stay ahead of the curve.

Restaurants and bars have had a turbulent few years, navigating through dramatic changes across the board. Though there have been endless challenges, there have been positives too, and 2023 presents the industry with the opportunity to start a fresh, new chapter.

One of the growing trends we expect to see in 2023 is a people-first, or human-centric, approach to service and business, focusing on staff and customer experience.

Staff shortages are one of the biggest issues in hospitality at the moment, making it hard for restaurants to keep high levels of customer service consistent. Our tabletop assistants can help restaurants maintain a high-standard of customer service, while helping staff work more efficiently, so they can focus on creating a positive experience for diners.

In May 2022, we showcased our Gateways, its unique features, and our extensive advertising network at the 2022 RC Show that took place in-person in Toronto from May 9 to May 11. This event is the go-to industry show, attracting business owners and key decisions makers in the restaurant and hospitality industries who are looking for services and products that will help them:

  • Grow their business
  • Drive cost efficiencies
  • Introduce new technologies that enhance the guest’s experience

We’re looking forward to being a part of the 2023 show in Toronto. To learn more about the event and Restaurants Canada, visit

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