Oongalee – Canada’s #1 tabletop platform delivers highest dwell time in out-of-home advertising

TORONTO, ON (February 1, 2023) – Rogers Sports & Media today announced that it has partnered with Oongalee to exclusively represent advertising inventory for its patented tabletop Gateways in bars and restaurants across Canada.

Oongalee Technologies is Canada’s fastest-growing out-of-home (OOH) advertising network and is transforming the digital out-of-home advertising industry with its patented technology. Combined with Rogers Sports & Media’s nationwide reach and OOH expertise, the new partnership promises to modernize the restaurant guest experience and challenge traditional out-of-home advertising.

As a partner of the highly anticipated conference, we offered VIP attendees and media the chance to get a hands-on experience and a one-to-one demo of our patented Gateways. Not only did we keep everyone’s devices charged, so they could continue connecting and sharing on social media, our Gateways also kept attendees informed about daily schedules, sponsor offers, and conference information via our interactive, high-definition screens.

“Oongalee offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to engage directly with target demographics, influence purchases, and facilitate interactions right from the table, all while providing a convenient solution for restaurant patrons,” said Brandon Kirk, VP, Client Solutions at Rogers Sports & Media. “Adding this exciting technology to our inventory further enhances Rogers Sports & Media’s ability to connect Canadians with the most impactful out-of-home experiences.”